"I feel that your professionalism is front and center, paramount, and unquestionable from my point of view. Part of your professionalism picture is a commitment to timeliness (promptness, being on time, and communicating clearly, so there are no questions). You share a knowledge that assists computer users to obtain maximum efficiency of their time and from their computers. I've noticed a core honesty and integrity that both vendors and customers should appreciate."

Burlington, VT

"I've never had to call Steve in for a computer crash rescue, but maybe that's because we meet for regular system maintenance and 'tuneups.' Steve looks over the files on my hard drive, eliminating extraneous or outdated items; he recommends and installs software (and hardware) to keep my files and operating system backed up and readily bootable in case of emergency; and he advises me which system upgrades and updates to make and when to make them. Every visit is a learning experience for me. You wouldn't trust your car to just any mechanic. Why trust your computer (and all your sensitive personal information) to anyone claiming to know something about computers? Steve is a real pro."

Charlotte, VT

"I highly recommend Steve 'the Mac Doctor' for any assistance, large or small in keeping your computer in top shape. Since I found Steve three years ago I have been very pleased with all the service he has provided as well as what he has taught me. Steve has always been prompt to respond to my cries for help and able to schedule an appointment quickly. His recommendations have enabled me to keep my computer running smoothly, quite frankly I don't know how I would manage without him. No more panic or frustration, do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment!"

Bristol, VT

"Steve has maintained my computer and given successful damage control over a good many years. He is available, responsible, determined, knowledgeable and insightful. In short, Steve is a fine 'doctor' who cares wisely for the relationship between my computer and me."

Middlebury, VT

"I've worked with Steve for years and he has always been very knowledgeable and professional with his Mac skills and support. Highly recommended!"

Brandon, VT

"Steve is a knowledgable and technically superior guru. He is the only other person I let on my computer. Periodically, my computer, which I use mainly for photography just slows down or gets hi jacked by a new Apple OS. I hate new software, but I often have no other choice but to install it to stay compatible with many of my aps. I know that Steve will soon be knocking promptly (as scheduled) on my front door. As well, he is efficient in answering my queries and minor problems on email. While his hourly rate is fully priced, the time and frustration he saves me makes him an important part of my Mac activities. I always end up saving time, by calling the Mac Doctor, rather than puzzling it out myself."

Middlebury, VT

"I have known and worked with Steve for over ten years. He has been incredibly helpful many times over the years with our various Mac computer products. Steve is friendly and helpful each time. He makes good suggestions and when trouble developed, he was always willing to help. We got to know Steve while living in Vermont. We now live in Montana, but through Internet connectivity, Steve can still work with us and help when the need arises. I highly recommend Steve, he is the best at what he does."

Billings, MT

"Steve L'Heureux is a terrific Mac expert to work with!!! Steve has been enormously helpful to me, and a pleasure to work with. I depend upon my computer for my work, but I am not that computer savvy, so getting good help is crucial. Steve's deftness and ease with everything Apple, and everything related, make him a superb resource! And Steve wastes no time, accomplishing everything I need him to in the most efficient and effective ways possible. He's also great at explaining clearly as he goes, so my own competence and understanding grow in his care, as well. And everything I am doing becomes more efficient and less stressful. Scheduled visits with Steve are extraordinarily productive, and he's also impeccably responsive with immediate email and/or phone help when issues arise unexpectedly. If you need Mac computer help, I enthusiastically recommend Steve L'Heureux. You will be so glad you contacted him!"

Addison, VT

"My wife and I have been using Steve's services for over 13 years with great satisfaction. He performs periodic maintanance, updates for us, and although he has to travel some distance to service us, he is always on time. He also helps us via the Internet when problems have arisen. His is the only number, other than family, we have on speed dial... and we're thinking of removing the family."

North Hero, VT

"I've been working with Steve for over twelve years and at least six computers. He has been extremely helpful in emergency situations, initial setups (Always a wise investment) and ongoing maintenance. He appreciates and understands macs and keeps up with the latest technology so I don't have to."

Burlington, VT

"I have been a client of The Mac Doctor since the late 90's. He has helped me transfer information from old computers to new computers, retrieve lost data, fix unwanted bugs, upgrade systems, and kept my machines well maintained and running efficiently. When I call or email with a question, I always receive a timely reply. He is professional, accommodating, and very knowledgeable. I have never had a computer problem that he could not remedy. I have appreciated his willingness to learn exactly what I want from my machine, and tailor his solutions and recommendations to fit those needs. His prices are not cheap but you get what you pay for; and in this case you will be paying for convenient, quality service, excellent technical support and a machine that you can rely on. I highly recommend the Mac Doctor."

Ripton, VT

"I found out what a wizard Steve is when another Mac specialist—who is very good himself—couldn't rescue the iTunes data that had gone missing during an operating system upgrade. Not only does The Mac Doctor heal such problems, he recommends fantastic, lesser-known software that probably costs him some consulting business because it prevents problems in the first place. Not that he'll lack for business: it's always possible to make a system better, and there, too, his recommendations and installations set a high standard."

Middlebury, VT

"Steve has been servicing our Mac’s for the past 12 years. Whenever we’ve had problems with our computer(s) Steve has proven to be quick in response, efficient and fair. Steve provides knowledge and guidance to his client’s on how best to take care of their computers. I highly recommend him!"

Colchester, VT

"I first started working with Steve back in my UVM days, and noticed early on he was knowledgeable, prompt, efficient and thorough. After leaving UVM in 2005 and continuing to work with him, those qualities became even more prominent. And, to top it off, he's easy to work with, reasonable with his rates, and very accessible. I look forward to using the Mac Doctor for many, many years to come, and would encourage you to give him a try. He's the best!"

Gordon, Editor
Glens Falls, NY

"I thought my life was over when my Hard Drive died. I had been advised that my data was lost forever, or, at best, only retrievable at tremendous cost by someone on the West Coast, but the Mac Doctor was able to restore most of my data for me within a matter of days. He saved my life!"

Mary Ellen
Middlebury, VT

"I have always found Steve—The Mac Doctor—to be quick and effective in responding to my Mac needs. I recommend him highly."

Arnold, Professor Emeritus
Middlebury, VT

"In an age where the voice at the other end of the phone is often a machine it is always comforting to speak with Steve via the phone about Mac advice, concerns and solutions."

Waterbury, VT

"The Mac doctor chose the perfect name. Steve has made many house calls for my 'sick' computer, although most of the time it's the nascent user that needs the attention! He knows the anatomy of Macs inside and out, gives prompt service at home or over the phone. You are in good hands with The Mac Doctor."

Ferrisburgh, VT

"Steve has always been thorough, timely, fair and amazingly patient. If only medical doctors were always so easy to reach!"

Hinesburg, VT

"Thanks so much for your patience and diligence today. My MacBookPro is now zipping along. After the massive clean-up and fixes that you did, and the clean report from Diskwarrior etc, I have a lot more confidence in my machine. I also have a much better understanding of how to manage my 4000 or so fonts...It's not easy to trust someone with my laptop, especially long distance, but you clearly know what you are doing, and it's a relief to hand over the sick puppy to you, knowing it's in good hands. I feel much better having had all my questions answered, and I no longer have that nagging, anxious feeling that something is wrong."

Creative Pro, Montreal, Quebec