Liquid Spills

Ok, you were just sitting there reading the latest news, enjoying your favorite beverage, and the phone rings, startled, you reach for the portable and your sleeve catches the edge of your drink. Over it goes and into your laptop keyboard! Your stomach sinks, what do I do now??!!

Stop! Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

What to do in case of a spill

Unplug the Laptop and if possible, remove the battery. The battery will drive corrosion. So, don't put off action. The presence of that electric current accelerates the corrosive process that damages the circuit board inside. All liquids, except distilled mineral free water WILL short circuit and corrode electronics.

Dry your Mac. Put a towel down on the table and turn the computer over so that the keyboard is on the towel and the screen hangs down from the tabletop. This will allow as much liquid as possible to exit. Do NOT use a hairdryer to speed up the process as the heat can do more damage than has already occurred.

Do NOT put the Laptop in a bag with rice as the grains only get into vents and slots and end up in places they should not be!

Do NOT power your Mac back on to see if it survived!

Contact me and I will refer you to a company that specializes in Liquid Spills. They are typically in the $200 to $400 price range for most repairs and they offer a 90 day warranty!

What Next?

While the news is never good in this situation, your Mac is rarely beyond salvage. Most often damage extends to the logic board, or main system board. Once in a great while damage is limited to a charging board. But the machine does need to be entirely disasembled and tested.

All Mac laptops have several liquid spill indicators which change color when they get wet so a technician will know your computer has been involved in a spill! If buying a new Mac, you may want to look into Apple's new Applecare+ product. It has deductibles for accidental damages.

Often, data on your hard drive is a primary concern. Hopefully, you do a regular backup and have all your data in a safe place. If you have no backup, all is not lost. Most hard drives are well sealed and normally survive spills. I can remove your drive and attempt data recovery.

How do they do the repair?

The company I refer you to offers true electronic component-level repair of your computer. They repair any damage to the circuit board itself, blown chips, corroded etches and missing or damaged pads. These devices are truly tiny, some the size of a grain of sand. These steps are performed using a high-powered microscope and specialized soldering equipment. Once the board tests ok, it will then go through an Ultrasonic liquid bath process. After reassembly, it is tested through a burn-in process to make sure it's fully repaired.